How to feel your cervix 2018

How to feel your cervix

Do you know that according to the period of the cervix menstrual cycle, it's structure and conditions keep changeing. By touching the uterus you can know whether you are doing ovulation and it's also a better way to understand your reproductive system. No special equipment is required to touch your cervix. Se the first remedy for guidance.

How to find your cervical uterus

1. Learn were your cervical cervix is located: the cortex is the lowest part of the cervical uterus, where it's connect with the vaginal wall. It is located at the end of vaginal tunel within 3 to 6 inches (7.6-15.2 cm) of the vagina. It is by the size of a small donut (or foil) in which there is a hole in the middle. cervical position and consumption throughout the whole ecotouration cycle, it's change.

▪ In the inner conduit of the cervix the glands are present which discharge the vaginal mucus. the color and composition of this flame also varies throughout the cycle.

2. Wash your hands with soap and water: because your are going to use your fingertips to touch your cervix so wash your hands thoroughly and clean them so that harmful bacteria can not be transmitted in the reproductive system. avoid using lotion or hand cream because the ingredient content of this products can spread infection in the vagina.

▪ If your nails are tall then it would be better to cut them. long, sharp nails can scratch your vagina.

3. Come into a comfortable posture: most women have found that it is the least painful to touch the cervix in the sitting posture (rather than standing or lying). take the knees on the edge of your bed or bathub, and sit down.

4. Get your biggest finger inside your vagina: gently move your finger in the mouth of the vagina and then let it go inside the vagina. depending on how long your finger will go in the vagina before touching your finger on the cervix, it depends on what period of your conjunctivitis you are in.

▪ if you want, you can smooth your finger with water based greasy so that it can smoothly slip inside. do not use petroleum jelly, lotions and substance that is not labeled specially for use in the vagina.

5. feel your cervix: At the end of the vagina, the tip of your finger will touch your teeth (or foams) of the mouth. If your finger is not able to enter in, then understand that this is your cervix. the cervix can be closed like the lips (compressed) lips or like the tip of your nose, depending on whether or not you are giving organsm are not.

How to know the indications of ovulation 

1. Make sure that your cervix is down or up: if your cervix is below mean only a few inches away from the vaginal gates, then this means your are probably not doing any ecosystem right know. If it is about the upper meaning that is inside the vagina, then you are probably doing it.

▪ At some point in the beginning you may find it difficult to determine whether your cervix is above or below. so keep focusing on touching it everday for a month or two and pay attention to chances in it status weekly. eventually you will find it is down or above.

2. Make sure your cervix is soft or rigid: if your cervix is right and rigid, then perhaps you are not doing ovulation. if it is soft and there is a flexibility then it means you are doing a festivities.

▪ During organsm, the appearance and feeling of the cervix is like the lips. whereas before or after any other time, i.e. it is almost like the lip of the nose slightly rigid and less flexible.

3. Make sure your cervix is wet: during the ovulation, the cervix become very wet due to the fluid, and perhaps even increases the vaginal discharge. whereas after cervical ovulation, the cervix feels dry until menstruation.

4. To check if you are doing the agonoscopy, follow the other measures: you can also help in the information about egg-releasing by monitoring your cervix and watching the contents of the cervix and measuring basal temperature. all of these measures are called fertility awareness, and if it is done properly then it is very effective way of knowing when you are fertile.

▪ Your vaginal fluid becomes very smooth and heavy just before and before the orgasm.

▪ Your basal temperature increases slightly during ovulation. therefore it is very important to take temperature form the basal thermometer every morning so that you can increase the temperature.
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